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Recognizing Milton G. Wright for his leadership in creating Mapping Your Future

Milton Wright

Milt Wright's vision in 1996 has become a reality - Mapping Your Future, Inc., a nonprofit organization, has brought the financial aid industry together to help students accomplish their career goals, assist schools in providing services through the Internet, and provide benefits to its own sponsors.

Sponsored by student loan guaranty agencies and supported by other industry organizations, Mapping Your Future is truly a national collaborative financial aid industry project, uniting schools, guaranty agencies, lenders, servicers, and others to provide information and assistance to students and their families.

Through the years, Milt played an integral role in the site's success through his leadership and support, working with others in the industry to make Mapping Your Future a valuable service. Mapping Your Future has become a leader in the industry, serving thousands of schools and millions of families and students; organizing industry efforts for data standards; collaborating on services with other national organizations; and receiving national recognition through awards programs.

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